Reject The Poison

Do not let the poison of this world enter the most beautiful part of you which is inside of you, don’t let it disturb the one eternal element of our existence. That eternal element is our soul. Our soul is the most precious part that we possess so why aren’t we nurturing it? This unjust world is temporary and it’s jealous of you. This world is furious! Don’t you see?! You possess something that this world cannot offer you! You possess something that is eternal and it cannot be bought nor recreated. Our souls are the most precious part of us! No matter what we might wear or where we might live… We can be separated from our bodies at any moment. This is why we must hurry and do the best we can to keep our souls clean. That’s why my fellow people… We must strive to reclaim the innocence that we once had and continue on to be the beautiful beings that will emit that same light that we needed in the darkest moments of our existence.