The Innocent Soul

This world is unforgiving and cruel for it corrupts our very souls after some time of us existing inside of it. What do I mean by that? We begin to form bad habits and develop toxic relationships because of the influence of the broken people around us. This world is sadly made out of many broken people that have been poisoned by the people before them. That means that all of their insecurities and all of their pain is ready to be unleashed in one way or another. Some of us use all of our pain to connect and empathize with the people around us and some of us turn on the whole world and become bitter and filled with revenge wishing for the chance to be able to burn the village that has caused us all of that suffering in order to feel the warmth of the fire if not the warmth of the people. For the ones that choose the first path, which is the path of kindness and acceptance. Those people become beautiful beings that emit a contagious and mesmerizing light that attracts every creature on the face of this earth. The truth is, even those kind of people get challenged every day but their values and their purpose overcomes all of the negativity that comes their way. In the world that we live in today, it is common to feel lonely, it is common to feel disconnected from the society and even if we are connected in some way… We are usually suffocated by the ones that we are connected to. It is very important to strive for inner peace and it is crucial to be the healers of our own wounds. It is my duty to be a positive influence on this world and you are no different from me. We are human beings and we crave social connections. Shouldn’t you be able to feel my pain and shouldn’t I be able to feel yours? What is the difference between me and you? We walk on the same earth, breath the same air and we have needs and challenges throughout our lives. Where is my permission to judge you and the better question is: where is my INNATE wish to help you?! If we want to feel loved, we must give love selflessly. If we want to be accepted, we must accept entirely. If we want to experience peace, we must do the actions that will lead up to it.